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Technology Board Nominee Questionnaire

MyFormulary is a Healthy Food MedTech Company. We have solved the problem of what each individual should eat for their health and longevity, backed by unbiased clinical studies and presented in an easily digestible way through our patented Efficacy Engine®,  architected as an Application Program Interface (“API”) and delivered as Software-as-a-Service (“SaaS”) for use in enterprise, website, and mobile applications as a stand-alone or integrated solution. It synthesizes complex databases of clinical studies and other inputs such as genomics, ingredients, micronutrients, and personal preferences to deliver personalized food, supplement, recipe, and restaurant menu items. The Efficacy Engine® is currently deployed for ecommerce complete with a storefront and virtual inventory system offered to channel partners.  Future uses of our technology include a mobile phone app for point-of-purchase evaluation of products, a browser add-in to evaluate products while shopping online and a restaurant recommendation tool to identify compliant menu items. The Technology Board is being established to provide guidance, oversight and counsel to MyFormulary from a technological perspective. The Board will be comprised of technology thought leaders with functional technological expertise who can collectively provide directions to Management and help solve significant technological challenges of the company. Each member must have both philosophical and practical experience.

Technology Board Questionnaire
Technical Expertise Areas
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