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Partner/Practice Sales Strategies for Agencies

Agency Benefits

  • A one-time sale with no future maintenance 
  • A turn key solution
  • A continuing revenue stream
  • $0.00 implementation costs
  • $0.00 equipment or training costs
  • Generates revenue while you sleep 24/7/365

Pitch Points to Partners

  • Increase Patient Immunity & Overall Health
  • Incremental 24/7/365 profit annuity
  • Reduce COVID Fears
  • $0 cost & 0:00 time to implement
  • Provide safe source for food online
  • Green for Go, Red for No — clinically proven food for health

Agency Management

  1. Promote MyFormulary to prospective partners
  2. Actively link partner enrollment page from your website
  3. Bi-weekly progress update (15 minutes)
  4. Regular feedback for program improvement

Partner/Practice Launch Steps

  1. Agency presents the opportunity and affirms interest of prospect
  2. Agency enters  minimum prospect information on Agency page
  3. MyFormulary conducts program review, partner discovery
  4. MyFormulary builds co-branded microsite &  marketing materials
  5. Launch program

Behind the Scenes

For a quick summary of the most current verbiage we recommend Agencies use in pitching prospective partners, click here. Following are collateral materials you can use to pitch prospective partners. 

Partner Pamphlet

Partner Pitch Deck

If you want to know what happens after the Agency has allured a prospective partner and handed the off to us, feel free to download the files below:

Partner Engagement & Launch Protocol

Partner Launch Operational Process