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Orthopedics Practices

New, Incremental Revenue from Existing Patients

MyFormulary is the easiest way to optimize outcomes while growing your practice from existing patients with minimal effort. We offer clinically proven Functional Food as Medicine, all vetted by peer-reviewed clinical studies.

Extend Your Care

  • Maximize treatments
  • Extend wellness through treatments of co-morbidities
  • Leverage diet and nutrition
  • Mitigate risk for chronic diseases
  • Improve surgical outcomes

Grow Your Practice

  • Attract new patients interested in a whole body integrative approach
  • Expand therapy options
  • Deepen relationship with patients
  • Change patient engagement from occasionally to weekly
  • Enjoy higher patient retention as a result of improved outcomes

Increase Profits

  • Add Incremental monthly revenue
  • Endures beyond patient engagement in practice
  • No inventory, no liability
  • Capture a piece of the growing healthy food sector
  • Improve compliance with regular office appointments and protocols

MyFormulary enables Orthopedic Practitioners to benefit from an incremental revenue stream by recommending MyFormulary to patients. Every patient must associate themselves with a practitioner in our system. We share 35% of our profits from food, supplements and wellness products with you. Our product guidance is unparalleled and unbiased, based wholly upon clinical evidence from renowned scientific and medical institutions, published by the National Institutes of Health.