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52% of grocery shoppers read labels to assess food health with low comprehension. The App simplifies the poorer practice of label reading with the precision practice of label scanning, delivers exacting clinically proven results and outcomes, and motivates individuals through financial rewards.

Over 80% of chronic disease is caused by food. Thus 80% of chronic diseases can be prevented with the right food. Our App is the single most important weapon against chronic disease today. It is so powerful that adherence to its recommendations by pre-diabetics (T2) can prevent T2 diabetes in the majority of cases.

Food is medicine and our App assures users they are consuming the right foods for their individual needs.

Practices profit in a percentage of App purchases made by their patients. The retail/consumer/patient price of the App is $4.95 per month* and there is a sliding scale for Practice profit based upon the number of net enrolled users during any month. The Practice profits for one (1) year from each user. The Revenue Sharing rate is subject to change and the current rate table is always available here. For example, for 2021, a Practice with 1,000 net users will profit $45,300 over 1 year.

Upon enrolling you are given a QR code. When your patient scans the QR code, the App is automatically downloaded to their phone and you are automatically attributed to your patient. Your logo will show on our App at all times. You can add the QR code to your website, brochures, business cards and have it at reception and exam rooms. When a patient scans the 

  • Download the App
  • Select medical conditions and/or wellness goals
  • Scan food UPC
  • Get “Go/No” determination
  • Receive healthy alternatives to “No” determinations, with the option to buy now
  • Receive financial rewards for making healthy decisions!
  • Tell people you love and help them live healthy long lives!

The cost of the App is $4.95/month, $49.95/year, or, for a limited time, $149.95/lifetime.

Absolutely! We have gone to great extents to exceed HIPAA requirements to protect the personal protected data of patients. Patients can share data with whomever they want, including practitioners, insurance companies, relatives, and anyone involved in their caregiving, and can retract such authority quickly and easily at any time. 

We hope that one day soon every Insurance Provider and Payer will purchase the App for all of their members and patients. You can help this to happen by recommending the App to them. In the meantime, please check with your Insurance company to see if they will pay or reimburse the cost of the App.

Yes. You can give away monthly and yearly subscriptions to the App to whomever you want and will pay the relative rate based upon the number of net Apps your patients are subscribed to. 

No. Consumer/retail/patient pricing is set by MyFormulary and you may not discount, offset, or advertise any pricing other than that which is set by MyFormulary. As mentioned in another FAQ, you may pay for the App and give it to patients on a monthly or annual basis, but you must always make it clear you are paying for the App on their behalf and you may never disclose the rate that you pay for the App to any end-user.

  • Outstanding patient outcomes
  • Reduced practitioner time on food, diet, and nutrition
  • Daily top-of-mind patient awareness of practice
  • Significant incremental bottom-line revenues

Co-Branded Store

The cost for our partners is free, nadda, zero, $0.00. If you would like to pay us, we will donate the money to one of the Healthcare Charities we support. 

Merchandising Genius Ralph Lauren teaches us that consumers will go anywhere to find the product they want and will leave anywhere that doesn’t have their product. We can’t dictate what consumers will buy but we can guide and persuade them to make better choices. A consumer who has grown up with Nature Made and never heard of Nordic Naturals will not know which one is better. It is up to us to educate consumers on the right choices

Retail pricing is an extremely complex and fluid science. Everyone knows that retails will under-price specific products to secure consumer loyalty and overcharge them in other ways. We are a value retailer with an incredibly valuable health tool in our Efficacy Engine. Our prices are, on average, at par with other great companies like Target, Vitamin Shoppe, and Whole Foods but the breadth of our products cannot be found at all three combined. We invite the bargain shopper to learn from us and find their bargains elsewhere. We will continue to offer fair prices no matter what. 

Not yet but soon. This feature is slated for release in early 2022. It will allow you to turn off brands and products you don’t want to sell.

Not yet but soon. This feature is a little more complex because we have to be able to automatically place orders with you or your suppliers and have those items fulfilled, shipped, and tracked with all those details porting in and out of our systems without human intervention. In addition to this, your products have to be vetted by our Formulary Panel before being offered. The great news is that once approved, your products can be included in our global Product Catalog for anyone to sell if you like, or you can keep them exclusive to your Co-Branded Practice Store.

People shop differently in stores than they do online. Research shows that consumers buy 1 package of cereal at Whole Foods and a box of 6 packages online at Amazon. We don’t sell single Clif Bars for this reason. We expect consumers. That being said, some of our Grocery products come in boxes of 6 and 12 where consumers only want one. An example is gallons of Olive Oil. We’re working with our suppliers to break down crates like this. In the meantime, enjoy the bulk prices or shop at your local Grocery Store for items like this.  


The Efficacy Engine is a tool that utilizes a team of experts and nationally recognized medical data to assign letter grades (A, B, C, D, E, F) to ingredients based on how effective they are. A grade A ingredient, for example, is associated with positive outcomes for a given condition or goal based on clinical research that meets rigorous bias, study size, and quality requirements. Because all foods, supplements, and recipes on our site have every one of their ingredients in our database, these grades can be applied to each ingredient in a product, resulting in a product report card. The report card shows how effective each active ingredient is at preventing and/or treating particular medical conditions. For further information click here.

Partners are paid their App and Store Revenue Share by ACH directly to your bank account on the first business day after the 15th of each month for revenues from the prior month.  Depending upon your bank, ACH can take 1 – 4 days to reach and show up in your account. We do not send less than $100.00, and any amounts under $100.00 will accrue until that balance is reached. We will also be offering PayPal and Venmo payments in 2022.

Revenue Share is calculated by subtracting specific costs from the price the product was sold for. These costs include the wholesale cost of the goods, any discounts to the retail price, any coupons or promotions applied, the credit card processing fee, and the Reshare Commerce accounting fee. We do not share revenues for gift cards, taxes, shipping, services, software, or the Go/No App.

Reshare Commerce is a channel management software company that calculates the amount of revenue to be shared with our Partners on a line-item basis. Their patented systems are used to calculate revenues in companies such as Ace Hardware, Advocare, Aveda, Avon, Estee Lauder, Hunter, L’Oreal, Toro, Tupperware, and more. Visit