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An overview of our program and principals. The reasons why this is important to trainers, owners and members — those we all serve and those we want to help better their lives through wellness: a combination of exercise and nutrition. 


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Join us for a quick but meaningful journey on the path of personal wellness. We’ll show you how the ingredients within foods can better the human condition… whether in the prevention or treatment of disease or in the pursuit of fitness, wellness or athletic aspirations.


Fitness Formulary continually develops marketing, promotional, collateral and electronic assets for our partners to deploy as they are, deploy or adapt to their own needs. This tutorial speaks to those matters and brings you to the repository of assets


Efficacy…. a medical technical word that has a combined meaning of effectiveness and probability. Where an ingredient has 97% efficacy in the prevention/treatment of disease, it means that 97% of patients responded favorably to the treatment; NOT that it works 97% on a single patient. EDUCATION is essential. Learn more here. 

Revenue Sharing

Revenue Sharing is a cornerstone to our model. We invest our money in partnerships with those who have relationships customers who benefit from advancing their health and concurrently benefit from organizations that are improved because of our monetary contributions. The Reshare revenue sharing system is an independent system for non-biased third party financial calculations.