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Food, Recipe & Menu Item Data RFI


MyFormulary is a Healthy Food MedTech Company. We have solved the problem of what each individual should eat for their health and longevity, backed by unbiased clinical studies and presented in an easily digestible way through our patented solution.

MyFormulary’s patented solution delivers food, supplement and recipe recommendations to treat or prevent health conditions using peer-approved clinical results. This benefits consumers, physicians, employers and insurance companies. 80% of chronic disease can be treated or prevented with nutritious, delicious, “functional” foods, dramatically improving millions of lives, and having a major impact on the $3.0 trillion spent on chronic “sick-care” in America. Visit to improve your health with food now.

Bad news: 3 out of 4 of everyone you know and love is likely to suffer from chronic disease caused by bad food; stealing vibrance, shortening life, and costing over $3 trillion of wasted “sick-care” money strangling our entire economy. There’s more: Physicians and Pharmacists lack the training or time, and complexity of treatment and cost of care is compounded by multiple conditions.

Great news!! 80% of chronic disease is preventable through personalized functional food and we have spent the last decade perfecting the solution. Our patented Efficacy Engine® determines which foods have clinical efficacy (scientifically proven effective) and are “functional” in the treatment or prevention of medical conditions. Resilience & immunity are at the core of our solution. Consumers, physicians, insurance companies, employers and food manufacturers alike can benefit from our Efficacy Engine® to get answers as to which foods, supplements, and recipes are right for individuals. An initial Go/NO rating is used enabling consumers to make quick decisions and a deep dive letter/number grading system shows all details behind the initial rating.


The patented Efficacy Engine® is architected as an Application Program Interface (“API”) and delivered as Software-as-a-Service (“SaaS”) for use in enterprise, website, and mobile applications as a stand-alone or integrated solution. It synthesizes complex databases of clinical studies and other inputs such as genomics, ingredients, macronutrients, micronutrients, and personal preferences to deliver personalized food, supplement, recipe, and restaurant menu items. The Efficacy Engine® is currently deployed for ecommerce complete with a storefront and virtual inventory system offered to channel partners.  Future uses of our technology include a mobile phone app for point-of-purchase evaluation of products, a browser add-in to evaluate products while shopping online and a restaurant recommendation tool to identify compliant menu items.


There are three categories of data and MyFormulary seeks vendor(s) to provide data: a) All US CGG Food, Beverage, and Supplement UPG/PLU products available in the marketplace today; b) recipes; and c) restaurant menu items. We expect to engage multiple vendors to meet our needs. Data completeness and accuracy are our highest priorities. We may need to combine data from various vendors to achieve what we call a “Perfect Product Packet™”.  All data must sit on our servers and, ideally be updated by API, though other update processes are possible. 

Our CORE COMPETENCY and market positioning is exclusively Food Efficacy. With a decade of development, we have no rival and wish only to collaborate as part of the technology stack within complimentary software, APPs, systems and offerings. At the same time, we look to partner with best-of-breed companies who want to be part of the offerings to our customers. 

Answers to the following questions will help us to better understand your capabilities to meet our needs. For each of questions 5 – 9 , please also provide a spreadsheet listing each of the elements related to the answers. The upload link is included at the end of the questions.

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