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Fitness Formulary is a Functional Medicine educational resource and online retailer with over 55,000 high quality name-brand foods, meals, beverages, supplements, vitamins, wellness, skin, hair and home products. Our patent-pending “Efficacy Engine” provides consumers with product gradings based upon clinical efficacy of the ingredients contained therein, all supported with direct links to research findings to support claims.

Preventable diseases are destroying lives and financial wellbeing. Medicine has been focused on treatment instead of prevention. The core of prevention is nutrition through effective foods. False claims, conflicting information and biased sources all contribute to consumer confusion. No single source to trust has emerged and there has been no way to easily determine what foods or facts are right for individuals.

Our go-to-market strategy involves alliance marketing through partnerships with member organizations that have a direct influence on the purchasing habits of their members. We share 35% of our net profits with these partners, creating strong revenue opportunities that simultaneously fuel loyalty.