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Our proprietary patent-pending algorithm evaluates foods objectively using legitimate clinical studies. We grade foods in order of effectiveness and deliver factual knowledge in a transparent and easily digestible form. Our expert search engine delivers exacting results from vast product selection. Consumers can rely on us for safety from dangerous ingredients, allergies and prescription medication interactions using advanced filtering capabilities. We have assembled a vast library of clinical studies on the effectiveness of ingredients in the prevention or treatment of disease. Each study is peer reviewed. Ingredients are graded A – F for their degree of effectiveness per condition. We tabulate effective ingredients within a given product and then deliver products with effective ingredients in descending order. Products can then be sorted in a myriad of manners relating to individual preferences like brand, flavor, price, etc.

Our on-site consumer engagement strategy is to build trust and reliance by providing access to research, data and our efficacy-engine to curate and select functional food items for purchase from our catalogue of over 55,000 high quality name-brand products at competitive prices. Product subscription services are encouraged and triggered by repetitive purchases. This, along with product extensions further described below, can result in consumers incorporating us into their daily nutritional routines.

Our extended future service offering includes Home Food Inventory management systems, (what’s in my cupboard), Condition-Specific Recipes (what can I make to improve health and mitigate risks), and Food Localization services (where can I get local fresh ingredients to make the efficacious recipe along with ingredients I buy from MyFormulary), all of which are to be purchased from existing software providers.